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Diocesan Directors meet - Agra - 28th February 2016

9 Diocesan Directors of PMS of the Agra Region met with 4 Regional Directors and the National Director at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre, Agra. At the outset, the meeting began with a prayer led by Fr. Bhaskar Jesuraj who welcomed the members giving a brief history of Agra and the different Dioceses of the North. He said Agra is the mother of all Dioceses in the north India.

Then the members introduced themselves Fr. Faustine L Lobo, then spoke on the importance of evangelizati on and the need to promote missionary enthusiasm. He also in brief explained the role of the Pontifical Mission Societies in the Church. While the collections are a need, he said, it should be motivated as a result of the zeal for missions. He stressed that the "material is the logical consequence of the spiritual" in the words of Bishop Charles de Forbin Janson, the founder of the Society for Holy Childhood.

Then a discussion was held on how to promote the Missionary Childhood Associations. All expressed their desire to bring all the Catholic children within the age group of 7-14 years into the Holy Childhood Associations. A decision was made so as to ensure at least 70% of the children are brought into the Holy childhood Associations by May 2017.

Overall, this meeting proved a good time for re-vitalizing the missionary spirit among Diocesan Directors of the Region.