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HCA (Holy Childhood Association) Day-14th February 16-celebration in the Diocese of Jamshedpur:

The majority of the Catholics of the Diocese of Jamshedpur live in villages. A majority of our children study in Catholic Schools or stay in boarding houses which are situated closer to the towns. A few schools and boarding houses are also located in the interior villages next to the Parish House.

We had received the materials for PMO promotion on Mission Sunday well in advance. The distribution of the materials along with the liturgical notes for the celebration of Mission Sunday (HCA Day included) was sent to all the Parishes. The PMO Parish Animator along with the Parish Liturgical Committee had a meeting to prepare a Programme for the celebration of Mission Sunday and HCA Day in some Parishes.

In other Parishes the responsibility was given to the Head Catechists and the PMO Animator Sister and her associate a lay person. In village Sunday Church Centres, only the Catechists were given materials and instructions on how to celebrate the Mission Sunday (HCA included) and to speak on the topic of inculcating mission spirit in the lives of the students.

Some important topics on faith Eg: History, challenges and positive aspects, Testimonials etc were observed to be of interest among the participants and the same was planned to be shared and discussed at length. A few elderly persons were to be included to share their faith-experiences. Entertainment items like skits, songs etc were encouraged, to make the Programmes lively and participative.

Our catechists made the children to take an active part in the village Sunday liturgy. In our Parishes, especially in the towns, children participated in special Holy Eucharist celebrations, adapted for them. A few souvenir items after the mass to celebrate the Holy Childhood Association Day (HCA Day) and a cup of tea with biscuits, were given to the children.

A few photos of the celebration are attached.