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Pontifical Society of Missionary Childhood – INDIA

Pontifical Society of Missionary Childhood – INDIA
HCA DAY – 14th February 2016 – CELEBRATION (at the Archdiocese of Bangalore)

A grand Holy Eucharist was presided over by the National Director – PMO, Fr. Faustine Lobo with other celebrants. A large number of Catholic Children especially those who were registered HCA members attended this very special Mass at the St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral in the morning of the HCA Day 2016.

Following this was a meaningful celebration at the St. Mary’s Basilica Shivajinagar organized by Fr. Susainathan – Secretary – Pontifical Society of Missionary Childhood. Introducing the Delegation from Malta, he welcomed one and all gathered on this sacred occasion. He lauded the efforts of the children, their animators and Parish Priests for having arranged to send them with much initiative and enthusiasm. He also thanked Fr. John Rose, Rector and Parish Priest St. Mary’s Basilica for the arrangements made at the famous Church of Mother Mary for Her children. Fr. Stanislaus Manickiam – Regional Secretary of PMS exalted the significance of the Missionary Rosary which was a key factor in the celebration along with the Mercy of God.

A leaflet on the Mission Rosary was released on the occasion by Msgr Salvinu in the presence of other dignitaries. The Programme began with release of Rosary Balloon in front of the Basilica. All the dignitaries present signed on the Certificate tied to the Rosary Balloon that was sent up in the air amidst prayerful rejoicing from the children.

Children presented a welcome dance, a dance on the theme based on Laudato Si and another based on the Divine Mercy theme.

National Director PMO - Fr. Faustine Lobo again enthused the gathering through a power-point presentation, the history of the Holy Childhood Association, its role with regard to Universal ‘Pontifical Mission Societies’ of the Vatican, missionary zeal and the cause of the “little missionaries”. Fr. Stanislaus Manickiam through a video presentation session took the children through the history, meaning and the need for the Mission Rosary today.

Fr. Lourduswamy explained briefly on the importance of the Pilgrim Steps into the Holy Door. All the participants – children, animators, Religious and Priests – then went in a procession into the Holy Door with lighted candles.

Msgr Salvinu, the PMS National Director of Malta explained the importance of “little missionaries” – the role of children in the Church through a meaningful story. Quoting “Let the children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these…” (Matthew 19:14) as Lord Jesus exalted their presence in homes and communities, Msgr Salvinu encouraged the children present to participate whole-heartedly in the Mission of the Church. Explaining through the story of saving birds, of how a mother bird was frightened when she saw a serpent climb up to her nest to take away her babies, and how her crying out brought the attention of the elephant who tried shaking the tree to shake off the serpent but failed, so also monkeys who tried to throw stones but missed the serpent, except for little ants who came in large fleets and bit the serpent from everywhere so much so that the serpent had to climb down in irritable pain. The little ants in effect had saved the bird family from the evil serpent.

His endearing nature helped especially during the Q&A session when children had questions that he willingly answered. As children were representatives from all over the Archdiocese, Msgr Salvinu also explained how 700 Maltese Missionaries from different walks of life (also Priests, Religious, Lay adults and children) worked in various countries all over the world to PROCLAIM the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel.

The participants prayed the Mission Rosary before the exposed Blessed Sacrament and the Program then closed with benediction and blessings.