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Missionary Childhood Day Celebrations - Diocese of Indore

From the Regional Director:
In our celebrations of the Pontifical Mission Societies i.e. Mission Sunday and Holy Childhood Day celebrations, of late, we have been witnessing a remarkable enthusiasm among the laity.

In our Mission Sunday celebrations and Holy Childhood Day celebrations we conduct various fund-raising campaigns which include auctions, lotteries, stalls, lunch coupons apart from the traditional envelope collections. Here too, the laity has been made aware of their responsibility to contribute towards the missions all over the world. Along with the leadership of the elderly members in the Mission Sunday Celebrations, it is the children who became active in the Holy Childhood Day collections.

In our diocese, the Holy Childhood Association is known as Balak Yeshu Sangh (BYS). It is animated under the Youth Commission of the Diocese with a full time sister in charge for the BYS activities. Over the year, they have a number of programmes designed for BYS children which include Badging Ceremonies, Monthly Meetings, BYS Day Celebration, Retreats, visits of the diocesan Animation Team to various parishes, sports and games activities, Talent Hunts, Activity workshops, Faith formation Programmes and village visits. The Association also has its quarterly magazine, Jesus Kidz which has completed its fifth year of publication.