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Perspective Planning Seminar on the 13th-14th of January 2016

The Pontifical Mission Organization and the Commission for Evangelization, CCBI jointly organized a Perspective Planning Seminar on the 13th-14th of January 2016 at the Regional Pastoral Centre, Bangalore. The Seminar was attended by the Chairman and member Bishop of the Commission and the National Director for PMO and the National Secretary for Commission for Evangelization. Altogether it was a deliberation by 21 persons from different walks of life involved in the Ministry of Evangelization.

Most Rev. Raphy Manjaly, the Chairman of Commission for Evangelization helped the group to make a thorough reflection on the challenges in India today in evangelizing. Looking at these challenges a dream vision 2025 was formulated. For the Vision 2025, Mission Statements were made. The group also came up with 3 Goals and objectives to the corresponding Goals. The action plan was then drawn up for each of the objectives.

Fr. Faustine L. Lobo, the National Director PMO and Fr. Paneer Selvam, National Secretary, Commission for Evangelization, CCBI facilitated the deliberations.