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From the Diocesan Director:
Our Aim is: To animate the children (from the age of 6 – 14) to grow in faith and become “little missionaries” of Jesus in Crusade. It works combined with the “Eucharistic Crusade’’ known as the “Crusveer’’ in Hazaribag Diocese. We have 24 units in the parishes and schools comprising of 1000 full-fledged Eucharistic crusaders with 55 animators and about 500 members as candidates. We conduct weekly meetings, prayers and have once a month Holy Eucharist at the unit levels. Once a year annual “Rally’’ is organized where all the children participate and utilize the occasion to present their activities according to each year’s theme. Often the monthly intention of the church and Holy Father is taken as the theme of the meeting and prayers are offered for the missionary intention of the Holy Father.

Year 2016-2017 Catechetical team had organized some activities in the diocese of Hazaribag for the Crusveer animators and for the Crusveer Association Children.

1. The Liturgy catechism program was held at Marsal Mandir Kuju from 22nd to 23rd January 2016 in which 50 students participated and in St. Joseph’s Middle School, Jori from 28th to 29th January 2016 for the Crusveer association children. 50 Students participated. The resource persons were Mr. Gunjan Kindo, and Sr. Neelam Xess, H.C.

2. Two days retreat program was held for the Crusveer animators and teachers in Bokaro deanery at Loyola High School, Gomia from 18th - 19th March 2016. There were 45 Participants from different catholic schools. Resource person was Bijay Kandulna Simdega.

3. From 10th -15th May 2016 there was a Bible seminar for the children of Bokaro parish, under the guidance of parish priest I.C. Mathew. Two hundred children participated in the seminar.

4. On 18th and 19th July 2016 Crusveer Animators Seminar was held at Diocesan Training Centre, Hazaribag. Program was animated by Fr. Daya Kishore Tirkey and Sr. Neelam Xess. Total participants were 40.

5. Annual Diocesan Crusveer rally was held 11th to 13th November 2016 in Bhurkunda parish. Participants were 1000.

6. Logos Bible Quiz 2016 - From Hazaribag diocese 350 Crusveer children participated in Logos Bible quiz. Diocesan level exam was conducted on 2nd October 2016 and from A & B groups 6 children got chance to participate in National level competition which was held on 4th December 2016 at St. Michel’s School, 3 Pusa Road New Delhi. From B group Anisha Runda got 3rd prize.

7. On 2nd to 4th February 2017 Sr. Neelam Xess, H.C. conducted 3 days Seminar on teaching method of the catechism and method of conducting Crusveer meeting for 22 Jesuits Novices of Sitagarha.

8. We regularly visit Crusveer children and animators to encourage them.

The outcome of the program

Crusveer animators are regular in taking Crusveer classes for the children.

Animators have become more enthusiastic and are showing more interest in guiding the children and taking Crusveer classes in creative way.

The Crusveer children have greater interest in prayer.

Children take interest to read the Word of God and are keenly participating for the Bible quiz.

They have become “little missionaries”.

Many children are coming forward with interest to serve as altar boys and girls.

The Crusveer association has become more active and alive in the diocese of Hazaribag.

Missionary Childhood Day celebration celebrated meaningfully.

Children practice their four weapons –Prayer, Eucharist, Sacrifice and Apostolate in their daily life.

With the financial help we got from the Missionary Childhood Association (Pontifical Mission Society) we have built two school buildings for St. Robert’s Hindi medium school, Hazaribag and R.C. Mission School, Khondhar. It is enabling poor children of the neighbourhood to get quality education.