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From the Regional Director:

The Mission Sunday was celebrated in every parish of the diocese in the year 2016. Special liturgy was arranged to inculcate the idea of proclaiming Jesus in the neighborhood with area masses and a homily on missionary mandate of Jesus to all Catholics. A caution was given not to be pro-active in preaching or in talking about Christianity in a way that will hurt the sentiments of other communities. This is done due to the sensitivity of anti-conversion propaganda by vested interests. In recent months Gharwapasi talk by vested interests is gaining ground.    

Promotion materials on Mission Sunday were distributed to all the parishioners and encouraged to collect finances for the missionary work. The idea of praying for the missions and missionaries was also a part of this promotion activity. 

In the diocese of Jamshedpur Missionary Childhood Association (Pontifical Mission Society) is known as Kruzveer Organization. Every parish of the diocese has a unit and these units are taken care of by a religious sister and one or two animators depending on the number of children in the unit. These unit in-charges and animators have regular meetings at the deanery level. The diocesan in-charge of Kruzveer is responsible in arranging regular programmes for the animators. Every year at the denary level Kruzveer rally is organized. This year in Chaibasa deanery more than a thousand children took part. In Jamshedpur deanery more than 900 children took part in the activities.   

In Chaibasa deanery the priests along with the pastoral sister and the catechists every month visit the village mass-centres. This is an occasion to catechize the people on the missionary dimension of Christian vocation and help the children to play their role in bringing Good News in the families by reading the Word of God. These children are studying in our own schools.  

Our dioceses, being missionary dioceses, have programmes for the catechists before every liturgical season – both special seasons Advent & Christmas, Lent & Easter, and during Ordinary time (2). In these four meetings on the Liturgical seasons inputs and activities that could be done in the villages are planned out along with the catechists. They in-turn implement these activities during their village Sunday-ministry. 

In our Jharkhand Region, we require to reorganize to increase our MCA activities. Every diocese organizes rallies for children, mahilasanghand youth. Different topics are taken for these rallies/meetings. We are hoping to include the missionary discipleship dimension aspects also as a part of all these rallies. To strengthen the Missionary Childhood Association in the year 2017, we may require a Jharkhand Regional Meeting animated by the National Director and his team.