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1. Proclaim
This is a bimonthly magazine published by the PMS India for Missionary Animation. ‘Go to the whole world and bring the Good News’ is the motto under which it is brought out. It has yearly six numbers and it contains an Editorial, Message of the Pope, A story on Missions, Lives of the saints of the months, a Bible quiz, the prayer intentions of the pope for the month and news about missions all over the world with special emphasis on India.

Proclaim July 2014

2.Children Helping Children
This is a quarterly magazine with the intention of creating missionary zeal primarily among children and with others. We publish four numbers during the year. With children in mind this magazine contains an Editorial, missionary stories, Lives of the saints with emphasis on younger saints, a Bible quiz, news round-up and the prayer intentions for the months. It is a very good magazine that makes the believer to belong to the Church and motivates to participate in the mission activities of the Church.
Children Helping Children September 2014