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Regional Directors Meet to Plan for PMS India
On 12th and 13th November 2013 the Regional Directors from almost all regions of India met to plan for PMS India. There were 8 Regional Directors accompanied by one more person from every Region. So in all there were 14 priests, 2 lay persons and a Sister. The workshop was held at KROSS, Bangalore; animated by Fr. Faustine L. Lobo, the National Director of PMS India.

The workshop began with a beautiful prayer service led by Fr. Xavier Arulraj, Regional Director of Tamilnadu. It was followed by a short self introduction by all participants and Fr. Faustine L. Lobo briefly introducing the purpose and process of the two days workshop. He said that the workshop was the result of the suggestion made by the Regional Directors in their meeting on 12th Sept, 2013 held at the National PMS office, Bangalore. Through participatory method Fr. Faustine very clearly made the participants understand the important concepts of vision, mission, goals and objectives. Once he was sure that the group had grasped these concepts he divided them into two groups to come up step by step with their own vision, mission, goals and objectives. He later skillfully combined the outcome of both groups into one single vision, mission etc. His direct and sharp interventions during the two days of deliberations helped the participants to come up with the following clear vision and mission statement for PMS India along with very focused and practical goals and objectives.

Vision Statement: A vibrant Indian Church filled with zeal for universal mission

Mission Statement:
1. To motivate the people of God to involve in promoting ‘the goals and objectives of the PMSs’.
2. To facilitate the faithful to live out their baptismal mandate for being a missionary.
3. To form consecrated laity, clergy and the religious for missionary cooperation.
4. To evolve relevant missionary approaches for the ever-changing realities of the world.