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"PR's must Reach out to all with good will", says PMO Director
Bengaluru, October 27, 2022: The 3-day (October 25-27) long PR training and workshop came to a close with valedictory function as the participants received their certificates from Rev. Dr. Ambrose Pitchaimuthu. Over 62 participants representing various dioceses and religious congregations from all over the country participated in this program held at Paalanaa Bhavana, the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center, Bangalore. The program was inaugurated by Bengaluru Archbishop Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado on 25th October and Rev. Dr. Stephen Alathara, the deputy Secretary General of CCBI.

The PMO Director addressed the Church PR’s at the valedictory function, quoting the examples of a beggar and a dead plant said, “The PR’s have to see the real reality not just the reality. It is the real reality that is waiting to be seen and heard. They have to function as relational persons. They have to reach out to all with good will at all times".

At the concluding ceremony, two of the participants also expressed their overwhelming satisfaction for the program and wished that such programs are organized more often in order to help the Church Personnel to adopt new and emerging roles to communicate the Church to the external world.

Rev. Pitchaimuthu in his address also stressed the importance of silence by giving the example of how in USA, the seminaries observe a mobile free day, in order to Interiorize themselves in the priestly formation. The value of silence is also significant in order to interiorize, hence PR's need to know when to speak and when not to. He also quoted Pope Francis in this regard saying It is not to listen with ears but with the heart. PR’s need to interiorize before going to any press conference.

"The Church Public Relations & Media Relations is not for our self preservation, that is, no to preserve our own ideology, our own dioceses, religious congregations or institutions but to preserve and transform the public sphere”, said the Director of Pontifical Missions Organization (PMO

During the entire training program, the participants were motivated to take up their roles as PR’s with commitment and interest in building the image of the Church for the future generation. The PR representatives were given practical sessions to analyze and prepare themselves for various scenarios.

The PR training was jointly organized by SIGNIS India & CCBI Media Apostolate. Fr. Victor Vijay Lobo, Secretary cum Treasurer, SIGNIS India & Fr. Cyril Victor Joseph, coordinator of CCBI Media Apostolate coordinated the program with experts & resource persons from the press/media fields.

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