Here are some ways you may like to help our Mission:
(1) By your prayer-support:
Prayer is a precious spiritual contribution for our Mission. It is the energizing force that will help us march forward with zeal and fervor to fulfill our goals. We invite you to spend some time in prayer as often as you can for our Mission intentions.

(2) By your sharing...
Each person has a unique “encounter with Christ” and sharing this experience with one another will also help in enhancing this Mission into a “Movement” besides, growing in one another the gift of Faith…

You may also send us your Testimonials with your photograph (IF you prefer) to our National Office (Address found under Contact Information), so we may review the same and publish in our PROCLAIM magazine.

(3) By helping us with Advertisements for PROCLAIM
We invite you to PLACE YOUR ADVERTISEMENTS with us for PROCLAIM.

You may contact our National Office (Address under Contact Information) for the same

(4) By your subscription for “PROCLAIM”
We invite you to become Donors of the Pontifical Society of the Propagation of Faith by donating Rs 5,000 or above towards the work of this Society. All Donors will get a complimentary copy of “PROCLAIM” and some other PMO publications for 15 years.

All our Donors will also be specially remembered in our daily prayers and annually on MISSION SUNDAY (3rd Sunday of October), when a special Mass will be offered for their intention.

Please send your subscription / donation to the Address mentioned under “CONTACT Information”

Subscription rates for NEW Proclaim magazine:
(six issues per year)
Inclusive of postal charges for Subscribers in India
Annual: Rs. 150
3 years: Rs. 400
Annual bulk subscription
(i.e., 20 or more copies): Rs. 125
DONORS: Rs. 5000 (for 15 years)

(5) By leaving a “Legacy of Faith” (i.e., by investing in the future of our Church) Please help us to show the love of Jesus to the little children in need... Gifts left to us in our supporter’s Wills or through donations made for our Mission, help us to reach God’s compassion to those who live in turmoil, poverty and uncertainty throughout the world.

Where the Church is new, young or poor, there one will find the Pontifical Mission Organizations and our missionaries. By your gift-offering, you are providing building blocks for our Churches, Schools, Orphanages, Dispensaries, leaving a strong House of Faith, a “legacy of Faith” for the future.

While we thank and pray for those who have contributed in the past by way of donations or by bequeathing a Will to the cause of the poor and the unfortunate, we promise to pray for those who contribute generously.

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