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Following the meeting with Rev Fr Rayarala Vijayakumar
Following the meeting with Rev Fr Rayarala Vijayakumar, PIME, Regional Superior – PIME, and collaboration for EMM Oct 2019 on 28th November 2018, at our National Office with our National Director Rev Fr Dr Ambrose Pitchaimuthu, a translation and formal release of the Vatican brochure was planned

A noteworthy development is the meeting with Regional Director Rev Fr John Raju and Regional Superior Rev Fr Rayarala Vijayakumar PIME on 11th December 2018 at PIME Valarpirai, St Thomas Formation House, Trichy, to discuss on EMM Oct, 2019 for Andhra and Telangana Region. On the same day, we released the Telugu version of Baptised and Sent, the formal document from Fides for EMM Oct 2019. This is a feat we will now complete for as many languages and in as many Regions.

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