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Mission Sunday Poster and Envelope

Translated into 8 languages, these posters indicated pictorially the cause of our mission existent in India.

Colourful, eye-catching envelopes, also translated into 8 languages, with the verse Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap… - Luke 6:38, are also placed at Churches throughout the country to aid easy contributions. Each year, we change the format of the cover, to make it attractive and endearing.

Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) Poster and Envelope
Once again, we continued with the theme of “Little Missionaries” for our children from the Missionary Childhood Associations (MCA) for posters and handbills celebrating their annual event – MCA Day! Translated into 8 languages for distribution across India, this was an enigmatic pictorial statement of children helping children.

Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) Units
Sample MCA functioning in Nideban, Gulbarga Diocese:
Review of previous meeting, Breaking of The Word, Prayer, Renewal of the Oath, Holy Eucharist and some entertainment and fellowship

Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) Units
Sample MCA Function in St. Francis Xavier's Church, Pallavaram, Chingleput Diocese, Tamil Nadu, South India: About 300 MCA Registered Children, of which about 150 celebrated a specially organized Liturgy, Followed by oath taking and a cultural Programmme

MCA mite-boxes
Little boxes that could be folded and placed on their desks, were sent as mite boxes to our children of the Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) units. We made them in blue and green colours, including in them some favourite quotes from our previous posters and the ones used during Mission Sunday.

Children are encouraged to collect their “little contributions” annually over a period of time and to send the same through their MCA to our National Office.

Interesting activities are also designed by animators at the Diocesan and Parish levels, to inculcate a habit of adding mites to their boxes and to work towards contributing towards a worthy cause of children helping children through the MCA.

Wall Calendar
We print in bulk, also in 8 languages and distribute the same on Mission Sunday. Each year is special!

Book-mark Calendar
As with other mission programmes, we change the format and theme each year. For 2018, we included Infant Jesus asking children to live as per The Word and to grow in wisdom through it. For 2019, we have St Pope Paul VI blessing happy children who have gathered to greet him, along with quotations and prayers that usually follow as part of the Family mission

Children who are members of the Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) look forward to our name-slips.

They enthusiastically use them to label their text books and note books they use in School, along with their name and class sections. Each name slip contains a verse from the Gospel along with a colourful picture depicting its essence.

For “Little Missionaries” this works as a starting point in establishing a conversation with JESUS or regarding Him with other children who may want to know more of HIM. They are distributed through the MCA or their Diocesan Directors and Parish Offices.

Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards are sent to well-wishers, collaborators and sponsors of the Pontifical Mission Organizations from the National Office. With a short message from the National Director, we have also begun including messages of “missionary discipleship” so as to make it mission oriented.

Christmas Letter
We have initiated a new expression in our missionary zeal through our Christmas Letter, which we have sent in place of the Christmas Card for 2018.

We created a new flyer this year in order to indicate the work of our four Pontifical Mission Societies.

They have been extremely useful as inserts into PROCLAIM magazines or as hand-outs at important meetings and seminars, to explain as a capsule the work of our Pontifical Mission Organizations in India.

We used colourful pictures of our children at work which we had captured during mission outreach. The aims and objectives of each Pontifical Mission Society have also been highlighted as much within this four-sided pamphlet hand-out.

Social media – website, Twitter and Facebook
We have been on the internet.
Our website is an archive of information regarding our Pontifical Mission Organizations INDIA.
We are also on Twitter at and on a new Facebook page at with “followers” visiting us every often.

With close to 11K posts each on our Twitter and Facebook pages, mostly from Vatican News and other Church related sites, we have been able to maintain updates on a regular basis.

At this juncture, we would also like to make note that our earlier Facebook page which was at had drawn over 1000 diverse followers. However, the same had to be closed after it was hacked a few times and was mistaken to be part of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO India) by some users.

Training programmes
At the Diocesan levels, Regional Directors conduct Training for the missionary work on various topics and aspects of missionary animation.

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