National Director’s Message – “Make us Instruments of Peace.”

Citing the e.g., of the conversion of St Paul, the National Director called for a resolve among the faithful to overcome the conflicts of our times by making it our mission to become instruments of peace as a Christian people of good will.

“Good politics at the service of peace,” “The Synod on young people,” “Pope warns against paganization of Christian life,” “Doesn’t God dwell here anymore?” and “Pope on the importance of hospitality for pilgrims” were some of the messages from Pope Francis as we took forward our message of peace in this issue.

We began an education on “The Sacrament of Matrimony” by sharing its scriptural background and we included an article on the importance of scripture reading among families and communities by Fr Ralph DaCosta SJ under the title “Scripture Reading: Why and How.” For our children we had capsules on St Bernard of Corleone and St Juliana Falconieri along with other regular features like Bible Quiz and a short story, this time titled “Encouragement.” Regular News Round-up also continued.

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