Mission proclamation as a national MISSIONARY family
- National Symposium on New Evangelization
- Mission Out-reach Programmes

Mission proclamation as a regional MISSIONARY family
- Regional Directors Meetings
- National Director visits to Regions and Dioceses

Collaboration with other Missio centres
- National Director visits to Missio Centres in other nations
- Visits from Mission Centres

The first level of detailed consultation began about eighteen months prior, when the possibilities, invitees, dignitaries, themes, etc were discussed by the National Director with our Regional Directors during a Regional Directors Meeting in Bangalore.

After which, a set of about ten Key Committees were set up in collaboration with the CCBI Commission for Proclamation and actions assigned and status reviewed both at the Leadership level (Regional, Commissions) and among co-workers.

Over 200 participants (Cardinal, Archbishops, Bishops, Regional Directors and Secretaries, Diocesan Secretaries, Heads of Catholic Organizations, Religious and Lay missionaries) participated in the high-level Symposium held at St Paul’s Auditorium in St John’s National Academy for Health Sciences, between 7th and 9th March, 2018.

Regional Directors Meetings
For the promotion of missionary zeal among the Leadership team of the Pontifical Mission Organizations, it becomes imperative for meetings and discussions from time to time. Most often, they take place in Bangalore; however, some have also taken place in other regional hubs.

Visits from other Mission Centres
We have had some noteworthy visits from Missio Teams in the last couple of years. Fr Yolland OMI, National Director of PMS of French Canada visited Pontifical Mission Organizations INDIA along with Fr Soosai OMI on 10th May 2017. He visited some Projects sponsored for them in Tamilnadu and Kerala. During the National Symposium 2018 between 7th to 9th March 2018, Fr Andrew Small OMI, National Director of PMS USA visited us and shared his mission via the website engaging the audience effectively.

The list of National Director visits to several Regions and Dioceses is long. However, we can categorise them as belonging to the following types: for training and education of Directors and Secretaries, for missionary discipleship orientation programmes (religious and laity, Religious Institutions, etc), for promoting missionary zeal among animators, for assisting with Pastoral Planning and finalisation, for Projects validation and approvals, for out-reach programmes, Mission Sunday promotion programmes, Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) programmes, etc.

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